Bahay Nakpil-Bautista: Tahanan ng mga Katipunero (1914 – 2014)


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To celebrate its

100th anniversary

the Bahay Nakpil-Bautista Foundation Inc.

opened a permanent exhibit,

“Bahay Nakpil-Bautista:
Tahanan ng mga Katipunero
(1914 – 2014)”,

on Thursday, May 22, 2014
at 5p.m.
at 432 A Bautista Street, Quiapo, Manila.

The exhibit encapsulates in an interwoven timeline—

Quiapo and the Nazareno. The house in Quiapo, the Nakpils and the Black Christ have multiple connections.

The Nakpils who participated in the movements that resulted in the birth of the Philippines as a Republic – La Liga Filipina, the Propaganda Movement and the 1896-1898 Revolution;

The house. Built in 1914 by the architect Arcadio Arellano it is significant in itself as architecture. Arellano used the basic form of the traditional “bahay na bato at kahoy” (wood and stone house) that emerged in Manila after the 1645, 1863, 1880 earthquakes, and applied Austrian-inspired art nouveau, ‘Viennese Secession’, for decorartive motifs.

*This exhibit was made possible by a grant from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

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