BAHAY NAKPIL-BAUTISTA : PAMANA SERIES 2022, Baliktanaw - 115th birth anniversary of JUAN FELIPE NAKPIL

Today is the 115th birth anniversary of JUAN FELIPE NAKPIL, National Artist for Architecture.  (May 26, 1899 – May 7, 1986)

In June 1954 he became the first Filipino and non-American to be made fellow and member of the College of Fellows, American Institute of Architects. At the Boston convention he saw an opportunity to speak of a distinctive Philippine architecture:

“…In the field of art and culture we have absorbed the best from the west and blended with our own. Philippine architecture today reflects the influences of the architecture of Spain, France, Italy and other countries in continental Europe as well as of America. We have managed to evolve a unique architectural form from this happy combination without sacrificing the basic function of our indigenous own.”   (National Commission for Culture and the Arts)

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— with Marfori Ben.


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